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DPF Cleaners

The question that we are asked most often is :- Do DPF cleaners (that are added to the fuel system) work.

The answer is simple - No - these products just don't work.


Think about it, you add the product to the diesel and dilute it by hundreds to thousands of times. 

The diesel (with a minute amount of the cleaner) is injected into the engine and INCINERATED at temperatures of as much as 2000 degrees Celsius 

Having been incinerated do you really expect there to be anything left to actually clean the DPF? Even if the product could actually clean the soot in any case. 

I am sure that you already expected that this would be our answer to the question, as most of the people that contact us every day of the week have already wasted their money on these so-called DPF Cleaning products without any success at all. 

So please don't waste your money on these DPF Cleaners, they are a complete waste of your time and money, in fact we have good reason to believe that they may actually do more harm than good! 

So what can you do to clean the DPF on your car?

Simple this page has information that allows you to clean the DPF on your car, this works on millions of cars every day of the week, But, if there is a problem with your car that prevents the DPF from cleaning you MUST fix the problem first